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Become a Driver Trainer

Advantage Driver University driver trainees are recent truck driving school graduates, drivers returning to the road after a long break, or veterans returning home from service.  They may have a wide range of experiences and skill levels.

Advantage Driver University is designed to teach new truck drivers, and returning truck drivers the following knowledge and skills:

  • Important techniques for safe driving
  • The many laws and rules impacting drivers today

  • The keys to good customer service

  • Operating within the Dart Network

  • And how to live and thrive as a successful professional truck driver. 

What does a driver trainer do?

As an instructor within Advantage Driver University you will ride side by side with the driver trainees, helping them hone all of their skills.  You will review and instruct specific skills with drivers, and you will give feedback to Advantage Driver University managers on your driver trainees.  Help develop good drivers within the Dart Network and you will enjoy extra mileage pay.

We’ll provide you with tips in a classroom setting on what materials to cover and how to be an effective teacher.  The driver trainee will begin with classroom instruction from us.  However, we both know the best way to learn is to work at it.  You will guide the driver trainee from the passenger seat.  During the on-road training we will do our best to make sure you’re home every night.  This isn’t team driving.  You will be in the seat next to the driver trainee all the way.

Throughout the classroom and on-road training there will be tests to measure the driver trainee's progress.  Depending on his or her experience and progress, the entire process takes 1-4 weeks.  After the tests, we will evaluate the driver trainee for an over-the-road or regional full-time driving position or owner operator opportunity within the Dart Network. 

Once your driver trainee successfully completes Advantage Driver University, you will receive extra mileage pay for 1 year while your driver trainee remains within the Dart Network.

Ready to become a driver trainer?  Contact Randy Luckow at 651-683-1422 or 800-366-9000 x1422

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